Kachue.com renovated


Since we have started last year, we were trying to keep it simple and focus on the financial part of the website. Recently, we have asked for help, and Mehdi Emsaki and his group helped us reform the website to the technical edge it needed to be.

The brand new kachue.com uses the state of the edge technology for blogging, content management, caching and security measures to provide the knowledge and financial advice our users need. The old website did not have those features, and was solely focused on functionality. All the old functionality is still available in https://app.kachue.com, which going to be slowly reduced to skeleton functions.

In the other news, we are working on a new Social scoring feature to reduce the risk of PayDay loans and reduce the financial charge of loans. Our new product is not ready yet, but we would love to hear from you. Do you think the social media could show the creditworthiness of applicants?



Social media – credit scoring

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